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Equipos de almacén - Trilaterales

500 KG - 1500 KG. This category consists of warehouse machines engaged in high lift stacking and/or picking within very narrow aisles.

Driver’s cab available in five version (Combi – Store – Comfort – Closed – Coldstore ), designed to facilitate the operation and to have an optimal workplace. According to the version, the access gate could be order picker type, hinged glass door or sliding doors (closed-coldstore). Available on request: 12V / 24V electrical provision for data terminal, Radio adapter kit and Fan on overhead guard.
Driver’s cabs are equipped with all safety devices according to the law.
Operating panel optimally and ergonomically adjustable in tilting and height, for standing / seated operation.
All the functions can be carried out individually or simultaneously, without changing grip while the integrated LCD Display shows the active function. Available with steering knob or steering wheel.
Driver’s seat with cloth cover, height and hinged adjustment, high backrest and shock absorbing springs (available in synthetic leather cover, heated and ergonomically shaped upholstery).
Driver’s cab option in order to improve the visibility: standard or panoramic rear view mirror, work area light illuminates work space, operation Spot light, reversing camera system + monitor LCD in the cab.
Masts in Six different versions (Telescopic or Triplex) adaptable to the possible customer requirements of height and capacity. The masts are designed to obtain the best performance in stability and safety till max lift height. All the Triplex mast are equipped with four cylinder for the cab free lift (the reach is in according to the mast dimension) and a best visibility.
Auxiliary Masts, developed to be compact and sturdy, are available in four different lift versions.
Chassis with modular design suitable to the real customer specification, the plan is based on the possible combination of different element such as battery compartment, load axle, masts and drives, to obtain a high value of rigidity, minimal inflection and optimal stability.
Hydraulics system equipped as standard with proportional valve technology for fast and sensible movements.
All the cylinders are equipped with hydraulic damping for a soft end of the stroke.
Masterdrive is an advanced electronic control, through the CAN bus architecture it allows the monitoring of the active function in real time, adapting the performance to the effective operational conditions (available in option with sensor for load presences and load weight).
Powerful AC motors 48V & 80V (according to the versions) with an encapsulated layout and without ordinary maintenance allow to reach high level of performance in optimal condition of comfort and safety.
Available in mechanical guided version (with side roller support adjustable to the different type of rail) or inductive wire guided version. To increase the safety all the trucks are ever equipped with aisle recognition system.
The great flexibility of the system thanks to the parameterization of the software, the fast configuration and diagnosis, the possibility of failure memorization with “service tool box” in equipment to OM technicians, allows an efficient maintenance of the trucks.
Additional options: ¦ PIN CODE access (without key) ¦ Automatic height preselector ¦ Automatic fork cycle (side reach – lift/lowering – release reach) ¦ Hydraulic forks movement with symmetrical or individual forks adjustment; ¦ Hydraulic forks side shift ¦ Knife forks ¦ Automatic braking at end of aisle, various designs. ¦ Lift cut out according to the height mast raised ¦ Drive cut out according to the height mast raised; ¦ Telescopic forks ¦ Working aisle monitoring system with RADAR to increase the safety. ¦ Other personalization on request


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