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Equipos de almacén - Preparadores de pedido vertical

1100 KG. Los preparadores de pedidos verticales de nivel medio XOP2 de OM son vehículos potentes y compactos para poder realizar piking hasta una altura máxima de 10.480 mm.





OM XOP2ac e XOP3ac vertical order pickers are compact, powerful vehicles and are capable of picking up h28=10480
Available in two versions: ¦ Available in two versions: n with fixed forks, without additional lift additional:
¦ with lifting forks with additional lift:
Specifications: ¦ Overall chassis width: 880 - 980 - 880 - 980 - 1080 mm ¦ Operator platform: width 900 - 1000 - 1100 - 1200 - 1300 - 1400 mm ¦ Operator platform height: up to 8880 mm.
Driver’s cabin: The ergonomics of the driver’s cabin guarantee excellent performance. The suspension of the driver’s cabin and the floor of the cabin absorb bumps and rocking which may occur while being driven, or during lifting or lowering. An ample padded backrest offers a relaxing driving position. The low position of the rise and the protection bars on three sides increase the level of safety. A control panel with generously dimensioned controls means fast and safe operation. The control panel can either be used on the column side or on the side of the load. This gives the operator excellent visibility over the picking area or over the driving direction. The control panel has an integrated display which informs the driver of all the funcions of the truck. By means of keys it is possible to see and select hours worked, heights, wheel position, battery level, as well as other information for the operators and other workers.
Another instrument control panel allows the activation of special functions and the lighting fixed onto the driver’s protection roof.
Chassis: The chassis is an extremely rigid steel structure. The engine is protected by a sheet-steel cover which is lifted by gas struts. The battery cover is metal.
Drive: The AC drive motor mounted vertically forms a single drive unit with the transmission, the magnetic brake and the drive wheel. The order picker can be fitted with guide rolls, which are useful in narrow aisles.
Battery: DIN (48V-420) XOP2ac - (48V-620) XOP3ac Ability to change the battery from both sides, by means of a fork lift truck or roller. The flat battery indicator is connected with a lift stop device.
MasterDrive control: ¦ Main and auxiliary handling operation optimized; controls are monitorized in real-time ¦ Fast, safe picking operations thanks to the combined horizontal travel movement and of the cabin lift (diagonal motion along the aisle) ¦ Energy recovery for extending operating time ¦ Height registering system ¦ Differentiated forward and reverse speeds which can be regulated for each gear ¦ Simultaneous movements such as gears and lift, are possible even outside the ¦ The deadman pedal and the two-hand control protect all movements of gears and lifting ¦ An integrated diagnostics and service interface makes configuration and setting parameters easy with the service laptop ¦ Permanent error code memory ¦ Visualization of error codes Steering: The standard fit electric steering always takes the wheel to a central position on ignition. The order picker is easily and precisely manoeuvrable.
Steering: The standard fit electric steering always takes the wheel to a central position on ignition.
The order picker is easily and precisely manoeuvrable.
Type of guidance: free circulation, mechanical guide or inductive.
Masts: The compact construction of the column guarantees stability and torsional rigidity even at elevated heights, guaranteeing increased safety. The excellent visibility through the column and at the sides offers good visibility.
Hydraulic system: The ac pump motor and all hydraulic movements are optimized by start/stop ramps and by the proportional valve damping technology during the movement of loads.
Brakes: The regenerative braking system is automatically activated when the butterfly switch is released.
The activation of the start switch in the opposite direction in the same way produces sensitive and smooth braking. Cross-current braking on one side reinforces the braking action and on the other recovers energy.
The system of split braking operates almost without wear: the mechanical brake stops the order picker in rest mode and in the case of an emergency stop.


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